Easy Street  3.5%

Tasting notes: Blonde. Medium sweetness. Low bitterness. Lightly hopped. Good finish

Light, easy drinking blonde. Refreshing finish – great seller.

Blonde Bombshell   3.9%

Tasting notes: Golden. Medium sweetness. Medium bitterness. Mid range hop profile

Bitterness 5/10 backed up with a sweetness from the caramalt, a malt tone from the Munich malt and a great punch from the late addition of some fine English hops for flavour and aroma.

Pals 1916 4.0%

Tasting notes: Blonde. Medium sweetness. Low bitterness. Lightly hopped

Named after the 11th Battalion (Accrington) East Lancashire Regiment - Accrington Pals, synonymous with 1916 Battle of the Somme. A light, easy drinking fresh ale. Bitterness 3/10 with a fruity, sharp, light finish. Made only with one malt, Maris Otter.
Also – Strawberry Bomb – Based on Pals with Strawberry added into the brew.
Elder Pale – A Pals brew with added Elderflower (last few remaining).

Blonde Ambition  4.2%

Tasting notes: Golden. Medium sweetness. Decent  bitterness. Higher end range hop profile

First beer created – originally called Dirty Blonde. Very smooth and moreish. Slightly more bitter, at 5/10 – but with a sweeter taste and more body than Pals. Made with Munich and crystal malt – this gives it a malty back note, with the hops adding a delicate, spiced fruity flavour.

Zeus Premium   5.5%

Tasting notes: Golden. Low sweetness. Medium bitterness. Great hop profile full of flavour

Based on our first original brew – bags of body, hops and flavour. A powerful ale.

Bitter and Twisted IPA     4.3%

Tasting notes: Amber.. Low sweetness. high bitterness. Heavy  hop profile

A fantastic IPA – strength toned down from the original so those that like a hoppy ale can enjoy more than a couple. Bitterness 7/10 with a lingering hop finish – make this a favourite and good seller. 3 malts and 6 hops varieties make this a complex but very easy drinking IPA.


Tasting notes: PORTER. Smooth. Low bitterness. Chocolate, roast notes.

Dark night is our signature porter and has stayed the same since day 1. It's a firm favourite in the range and comes up to the standards expected of any decent black ale. Lots of flavour, but just enough to leave you wanting more. Refreshing is not normally a word use to describe a dark ale but this one stands out as being special......

RUBY 100 5.3%

Tasting notes: RUBY. High sweetness. High  bitterness. Great hop punch.

A super smooth ruby, traditional in it design and delicious in execution.  Bitterness 6/10 – with dark fruit flavours – leave a spicy lingering finish and moreish mouth feel. Very popular ale due to its depth of flavour. Roasted barley adds colour and 5 hops added in 3 stages give complexity. Probably most talked about ale in our range.

Honey Stout     5.5%

Tasting notes: Black. Medium sweetness. Low bitterness. low hop profile

Back by popular demand .. A fantastic stout brewed with a slight honey  taste for a touch of sweetness.
8 malts go into this black beer to make it a taste delight.